Dear NBA 2K…

If you did not know, we are gamers. We enjoy playing video games and testing our skills out online. As you all may know we have a passion for basketball. So when we have a chance to play basketball on the game we get excited!!!! However, this game call NBA 2K which we all love and hate at the same time gets the best of us. In this video we voiced our opinions on what we experience while playing NBA 2K. Hope you all enjoy and P.S. vulgar language was used sorry.


As of July 1,2021 NCAA Athletes can now market themselves and earn revenue off of their likeness while participating in their sport. This is a pivotal moment in the sports world for college athletes that are highly popular, especially the upcoming high school athletes. All of the exposure that these young athletes are receiving can now earn them greater opportunities for their athletic careers and so forth. We discussed our thoughts and our perspectives on this topic.


Every once in a while we tend to face obstacles in our life that may be hard to overcome. Some find solutions for these obstacles and some tend to give up easily with no effort. We discuss how pushing through and continuing to keep a level head in tough times are more beneficial. We shared personal experiences we have been through where we ourselves have persevered. If you want to share your personal stories of tough times you have faces let us know in the comments down below.


As the 2020-2021 NBA Postseason approaches, we believed it was only right to give our full predictions on who is coming out the East and the West to contend for the NBA Championship. In the East we have the 76ers, Nets, Celtics, Hawks, Knicks, Wizards, Heat and the Bucks. In the West have the Jazz, Grizzlies, Mavericks, Clippers, Lakers, Nuggets, Sun, and Trailblazers. Which team will show that they are here to win it all and which ones will fold under pressure? I say tune in to the playoffs and let us know which team you believe will win it all.

Entitlement & Work Ethic

Some people may believe that they deserve certain rewards in life without putting in effort or any work for it. In this episode we are talking about why that should not be the main way of thinking for those who do. The ones who do not look for hand outs or shortcuts in life usually tend to outwork and build a great work ethic for the things that they want. Tune in and be apart of the topic at hand. Thank you all for supporting you are appreciated and valued!!!

Staying Within Yourself

Along this path of life we can get lost and end up in places or situations where we don’t belong. Staying within yourself and learning about what you want out of life has no guide. Some don’t even know how to take control of their lives. However, on this episode we share our personal knowledge about being isolated to grow. Taking the time to learn about yourself can open up different avenues about yourself that you may not have even known.

Ja’s Post-Season Interview


After a long season through the grueling pandemic, Jaja Davis’ season at Montreat University comes to an end. On this episode of 4H1P we took the time to get his thoughts on this season. With him earning First Team All-Conference and First Team All-Defense, we asked about his hardships he had to face. As well as, this season compared to his last season.

2021 NBA All-Star Weekend



The NBA All-Star Weekend is a time for the stars of the NBA to wind down and enjoy a break from the NBA Season. From the 3pt Contest, Skills Challenge, to the Dunk Contest. Everybody’s being put on notice for their hard work over the course of the season for the first half. This year will be very interesting to see who will prevail in the individual challenges. But the Main Event of the weekend is the All-Star Game. Team LeBron and Team KD, we all want to see who is going to bring their best in this event.